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Sustainability Practices

Organic cotton plant on white background. Photo credit Renurte

Sustainable Materials

We create products with sustainably sourced materials, including:

Premium rPet fabric - We use material made entirely from recycled plastics. One Bagito bag removes 25lbs of plastic from the waste stream.

Certified organic cotton canvas - Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. We source GOT certified, non-GMO cotton for our totes.

Bamboo - This most rapidly renewable resource grows 1ft per day! We create reusable cutlery made with raw bamboo, no toxic coating either.

End of life - All of our products can be either recycled or returned for upcycling at the end of their use.

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Fairly treated factory worker stitching bags on sewing machine

Ethical Production

We partner with family-run production facilities that are committed to providing fair living wages to their workers and upholding above average environmental practices.

We maintain close connections with our partner factories and suppliers: making regular site visits, reviewing safety and manufacturing testing reports, and ensuring a healthy work environment.  ​

School children playing in fresh clean water

Ensuring a Better Future

To support our goal of sustainable impact, we give 10% of all sales to environmental literacy. Our sister non-profit, Power2Sustain, provides valuable educational enrichment to ensure that the next generation knows how to care for the planet.

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