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Bagito Reusable Container Program for Bulk

Cut Costs and Reduce Waste with Single-Use Bulk Bag Alternatives.

Bagito's new reuse for the bulk aisle program provides retailers with a complete program to support reusable bulk purchasing in reusable containers.

By offering a reusable container option, markets can cut their reoccurring spend on disposable bags in half, and lower the waste impact for their communities.

Our branded reusable containers are made from 100% PEVA, with an extra wide mouth to fit most bulk dispenser, a triple-lock seal and gusseted flat-bottom design for upright storage. Available in multiple sizes.

How it works

Creating Behavior Change

The Bagito Program provides messaging and signage that explains how the reusable container program works, and lets customers know their impact savings. Additionally, we work with each participating retailer to create an incentive program that provides customers with a small discount, rewards points or other gifts for refilling their reusable containers.

Why Bagito Reusable Containers?

Innovative Designs -- available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our unique bag designs incorporate and extra-wide gusset allowing the bags to stand on their own and for easy cleaning.

Cost Savings -- Our very competitive wholesale price points, let retailers earn a margin, plus see cost 10-25% cost saving by reducing re-occurring spend in disposable bag.

Enhanced Customer Experience -- Bagito’s novel designs and premium quality provide an elevated customer experience, and extend food shelf-life -- giving customers more confidence in buying food in bulk.

Better Customer Retention -- We brand your logo on our bags which create strong customer loyalty and appreciation for helping the planet.

LOWER environmental footprint  -- Your organization contributes less waste and carbon emissions – your customer and community value the efforts!

We manage everything -- Including helping you create a reuse incentive program, provide signage, employee training, and offer a take-back program at product end-of-life.

For more information, samples and to try this program at your store, please contact: or 831-536-4160
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