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End-of-Life Take Back Program

We believe in truly circular products. Starting with 100% recycled plastics and 100% natural cotton, bamboo and PEVA, each Bagito product is designed to recycled or upcycled. (Recycling is when the raw materials are sepated, cleaned, melted down and reused for new products; Upcycing is where the products are shredded and the resulting material is used to produce other products like floor tiles, playground padding for schools and asphalt (for roads).

Bagito is proud to offer a take-back program for ALL of our products, when they have reached the end of their useful lifespan.

To particpate in our take-back program 1-5 items), simply send us your used Bagito products and we will aggregate them, and send them to our partner recycler or upcycler.

For 5+ products, please use the form below, and we will email you a free FedEx shipping label to return the products to us free-of-charge.

Thanks for doing your part to eliminate trash, lower carbon emissions and reduce primary resource consumption. Every action has an impact!

For questions and comments about Bagito's Take-Back Program, please email us at

Bagito partners with US-based and international recyclers and upcyclers for our take-back program. The photos above are examples of recycled and upcycled materials that contain base materials from Bagtio products.

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