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About Us

Diver collecting trash from the ocean

Values in Action

We care deeply about the planet and work to make a positive impact with every aspect of our company. Ultimately, our ability to do good depends on your support. Together we have prevented thousands of pounds of plastic from entering the waste stream and recycled plastic waste into new products.

our impact
School girl holding nature, a monarch buttetfly

How it started

Our founder, Mitch, was working as an administrator in a public school in the Bronx, and noticed that the students were not receiving any kind of environmental education. He and a group of fellow teachers stepped up to create a non-profit that incorporated environmental literacy into the K-12 curriculum. That program, Power2Sustain, was the impetus for building Bagito, and remains our primary beneficiary today.

More about our non-profit
Bagito team member

Our Team

Everyone on our team is here for the planet! Bagito attracts team members who are driven to make sustainability a reality. As such, our mission remains in focus every day, with everything we do.

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